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I Dream of Electric Cars

I was interested to read of the World Solar Challenge [Driving Into the Sun, February] and the wonderful efforts of so many people to help the development of solar-powered cars. I recall reading somewhere that the US is requiring a certain proportion of its cars to be non-emission types -- ie electric -- within the next decade.

Why don't we have requirements like this here? It would help our inner cities to reduce air pollution, would probably cut down on traffic accidents and would make for a more interesting roadscape.

If the solar cars can cope with a Northern Territory Road Train, they should be able to handle downtown traffic without too many problems. Or do the solar cars work only on the flat? Even if that is so, at least it gives places like Christchurch and Palmerston North a chance (though the sunshine hours in the latter might prove a problem!).

F. Lovell, Lower Hutt