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Computerised Petrol

Computer hardware and software developed by a four-person Manawatu company for international service-stations is being used in Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. Software produced by Integration Technologies Ltd is used to control pumps and other forecourt equipment.

"The traditional approach has been to have a big black box. We've miniaturised everything down to a card that now fits into a standard PC," company director Brendon Deere says. "That cuts costs because the card is so much cheaper. Ours can plug into companies' existing retail systems."

The oil companies piloted the product, liked it, and bought more. Deere says this helped his firm to develop a second-generation product that is more advanced, and which could be exported. Integration Technologies was then approached by a Brazilian oil company.

"We've now got more than 100 installations in Brazil, mainly in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It looks as if we're going to sell more there."