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Science Studs Wanted

Lord Rutherford is always cited as an example of a famous Kiwi scientist, but his title makes him sound British, and he's usually cited as that (though I have seen one publication which referred to him as Canadian on account of the work he did at Montreal!). So titles in and of themselves may not be the best way to recognise our scientists.

Does anyone remember the scientist who was dubbed "New Zealander of the Year" some years ago? Ian Axford (Sir Ian?) is not exactly a household name either, despite the television coverage of the awards and having an asteroid named after him.

Time and time again we hear cries of woe regarding the poor showing of scientists in our society. You'd probably do more to raise the profile of science by having a suitable hunk or hunkess in Shortland Street than any number of names nestled in between the rugby coaches and Girl Guide leaders on the Honours List.

Katherine Kerr, Christchurch