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Environmental Award

Southland Regional Council's Environmental Education programme has received a Green Ribbon Award for Environmental Achievement, for developing and promoting an outstanding environmental education programme.

The programme, which began in 1992, is provided to schools throughout the Southland region. The excellent resource kit used by teachers is received during professional development workshops run by the Council. As part of the support programme, schools receive quarterly newsletters, and advice and information on how they might use the environment as a teaching tool.

More than 2,500 students have joined "Brucie's Buddies", a free club for young people in the Southland Region which encourages environmental initiatives. Members receive newsletters with activities they can become involved in, leaflets, stickers, a birthday card, posters and badges.

A survey of over 300 cards which children sent in showed clear perception changes in how they could participate in caring for the environment.

The Web site is at: