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December/January 1997/1998

Don't Pull Up Your Carpets
Pingers Protect Hector's Dolphins
Landslip Risks Predicted
Welcoming an Uninvited Guest
Taking Runners Beyond the Wall
Great Balls of Lightning!
Public Concerns for Animal Welfare
That's Amaizing
Risky Businesses
Wormy Cockle Feet
The Risk of Rabies
Shoring Up the Beaches
Juggling Genes
Science in a Stocking
Public Forums for Science Issues
The End is Nigh?
Fat Idioms
A Brilliant Idea
What's On The Beach
Wet, wet, wet
Schools and Cellphone Towers
Beyond the Night Sky, Human Body
The Mathematica Book
Field Guide to New Zealand Geology
Curious and Interesting Mathematics
A Selection of Problems
December Cartoon